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Ultimate Kids Whitewater Rafting Trip! (11:00 AM) This is the ultimate whitewater rafting trip for younger kids and whoever goes with them. It's also great for beginners and anyone wanting extra attention. This trip has the best weather, the best boat selection, more guides per guest, smaller trip size. Bounce and churn through fun and exciting (but forgiving) rapids like Papa Bear, Moonshot, Double Drop, Slingshot, Surfing Rapid and Sharks Tooth. Add our 18 years of experience taking younger kids whitewater rafting, our popular kid-friendly guides, and a fun and exciting (but still kid-friendly) stretch of whitewater, and you get the Ultimate Whitewater Rafting Trip for Younger Kids. The trip comes with our Ultimate Money Back Guarantee.

Our kid-friendly guides are always on the river with you to assist with fun and safety. The weather is almost always good on this trip. We serve a snack. We stop. We play. It's great adventure that's appropriate for younger kids.

Super Splash Trip! (12:30 PM Daily) (Call for trips later in the day.) Raft the same fun and exciting rapids as our Ultimate trip, just later in the day. Weather often becomes a little cloudy with a shower possible on the later part of this trip. This is not a big deal for older and/or more adventurous kids, but can be a problem with younger kids. Trip size can be larger. You get our Make-up Rafting Trip Guarantee on this trip.

Ducky Solo! - Ducky Solo is specifically designed for kids to run the river in their own boat, a one person Ducky. You donít need previous Ducky experience. Our guides are always on the river to assist you. Safety and paddling instructions are provided. Minimum age for Ducky Solo is 9. Ages 9 & 10 should be somewhat athletic & aggressive. Adults and teens can do a Ducky Solo too. Itís available for an additional $7.00 for each person doing a Ducky Solo (one person Ducky). Those not doing a Ducky Solo can go in a raft or double Ducky and pay our usual rate.

Guides - All trips are guide-assisted. There is a guide for about every 12 guests, but not in every boat. You can pay an additional $10.00 per person to guarantee one of the guides in your boat. 11:00 AM Extra Attention Trips have more guides per guest than other trips.

Group Rates - Group rates are available for groups of 15 or more. Call or email for pricing. Pricing depends on the time and date of trip, group size, and how far in advance you make your reservation.

What about older kids?
Over the years, we have taken hundreds of older kids on our trips. Most are rafting with us because they have a younger brother or sister that's rafting with us. Older kids almost always have a great time on our trips. Yes, they can do bigger white water. Before the trip, they are concerned that they'll be bored. They never are. On the trip, they realize it's fun for everyone. They can be (and usually are) more playful than the younger kids. One or two person Duckies can be a great option for older kids. They add adventure and independence to the trip for them.

Where are we?
Just 15 minutes south of Great Smoky Mountain National Park in North Carolina.

Near which cities?

  • Bryson City
  • Sylva
  • Cherokee
  • Franklin
  • Dillsboro
  • Asheville
  • Maggie Valley
  • Highlands
  • Cashiers
  • Gatlinburg
How much time?
Allow about 3 1/2 hours for your trip (you'll be on the water for about 2 1/2 hours).

Try a ducky solo!
Ducky Solos are inflatable kayaks! They are great fun for teens, active individuals, and a parent and child.

What to wear?
In warmer weather wear shorts, a light shirt and shoes that can get wet. Shoes are required, and we have water shoes available for rent at our shop. In cooler weather, a jacket and hat may be helpful. You may want to bring a change of clothes - we have changing rooms in our rafting center for after the trip.

Great Family Fun: Kids and their families and friends are our specialty, not a sideline. The focus of our trips is for you to have a fun family adventure. Our trips are not wild or crazy, they are fun and family oriented. It's great fun for kids and adults!

Great Group Fun: Family Reunions, Girl Scouts, Boy Scouts, Church Groups, Work Groups, School Groups...We do lots of group trips, and they find the Tuckaseigee River a pleasant change of pace from wild, crazy whitewater. And, more members of your group can join in on the fun. Group rates are available. Give us a call or email.

Great Area for Kids: Our mountains are a great place for kids. Families with younger kids will enjoy lots of quality activities at a slower pace surrounded by incredible scenic beauty. We've developed an activity list, Kids' Stuff in the Mountains, to help you plan and enjoy your stay in the mountains and a Kids Friendly lodging list. We can e-mail you a copy.

Great Guides: All our trips are guide-assisted with helpful, friendly guides who love the outdoors and are great with kids. We have a guide for about every 12 guests, but not in each boat. You may pay an extra $10.00 per person to guarantee a guide in your boat.

Why Choose Us?
You will have a safer and more fun trip, if you have younger kids or beginners under age 11 in your group. No other outfitter on the planet has the specialized experience and knowledge we have in taking younger kids whitewater rafting. It is the focus of our business.

Our kid-friendly guides are always on the river with you, helping you have a fun and safe trip. We are the only outfitter in the region giving you a money back guarantee. You get it on our Ultimate Kids Rafting Trip. We have found only one other outfitter in the US giving a similar guarantee. If you don't have fun, we don't get paid.

2005 is our 18th season of Rafting with Kids. We've taken more people down the river we raft (the Tuckaseigee River) than anyone else on the planet.

We have the best variety of gear on the river. Our gear is specially designed and chosen for taking younger kids and their families down the Tuckaseigee River. We have rafts and lifejackets from several manufacturers. Every boat and lifejacket looking the same may look nice, but families come in different shapes and sizes. Our variety of gear allows us to put you and your family in the boat, paddle, and lifejacket the fits you and is right for your level of experience.

We have the most experienced guides on the river. They love kids, the outdoors, and know how to lead a fun and safe trip on the river. Our guides have lead over 90% of the guide-assisted trips with younger kids ever taken down the Tuckaseigee River.

Over the years, thousands of families with younger kids have chosen to raft with us. The two leading national magazines for fun things to do with younger kids have featured our rafting trips: Nick Jr. Family Magazine and Family Fun Magazine.

We guarantee you the ultimate whitewater rafting trip for younger kids.

Text/Pictures used with permission.




Our outpost is conveniently located on the banks of the Tuckaseigee River on US Highway 74/441 at the South/East end of Uncle Bill's Flea Market in Western North Carolina.

From Cherokee follow US 441 South. We're just 15 minutes from downtown Cherokee on 441 South, at Uncle Bill's Flea market.

From Gatlinburg follow US 441 South through the Smoky Mountain Park and Cherokee. We're just 15 minutes from downtown Cherokee on 441 South, at Uncle Bill's Flea Market.

From Waynesville/Lake Junaluska we're just 30 minutes away. Just take US 74 West. We're at Uncle Bill's Flea Market.

From Maggie Valley take US 19 to Cherokee or Waynesville and follow the directions above. We're 40 minutes away.

From Franklin (40 minutes) and North Georgia take US 441 North. We're at Uncle Bill's Flea Market.

From Highlands follow US 64 West to Franklin, then follow the directions above. It'll take about an hour from Highlands.

From Cashiers follow 107 from Cashiers to Sylva/Dillsboro and join US 441 North, it's 1 hour. We're at Uncle Bill's Flea Market.

From Bryson City (15 minutes) and the Nantahala Gorge (30 minutes) follow US 19 to 74 East toward Sylva. We're at Uncle Bill's Flea Market.

From Asheville take I-40 West to Exit 27 at Waynesville. This puts you on US 74 West. We're at Uncle Bill's Flea Market. It'll take about an hour from Asheville.

From Atlanta follow I-85 to I-985 towards Gainsville, GA. This becomes US 441/23. Follow US 441 North past Franklin, NC to our outpost. We're at Uncle Bill's Flea Market. It'll take about 2 1/2 to 3 hours from Atlanta.




Reservations require a 50% deposit at the time of the reservation. The balance is due the day of the trip.

You get a no-hassle full refund up until one week (two weeks for those paying group rates) before your trip date. Cancellations after your no-hassle full refund period expires are charged $10.00 per person. If you don't show up and don't call in advance, you are charged the full cost of the trip. You can reschedule up until one hour before your trip date.








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